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About Us

About us

On the Asia, the heart of the best fruit and vegetables from Iran, you find Nik Andishan Bazargan Parseh(Parsehexim), a company originating from an agricultural family, dedicated to production, importation, and exportation of fruits and vegetables.The fruits, citruses, and vegetables, with an organic production line, make up a healthy and tasty diet.
Nik Andishan Bazargan Parseh(Parsehexim) transports fresh fruits to the rest of the world, being one of the leading exporters of fruit and vegetables in Asia.The continual changes in the development of the market required us to facilitate for the customer, not only by offering a great product, but also by giving an Integrated Service through the whole process, from cultivation to the final deliver to the customer, managed from the company´s headquarter in Tehran-Iran.

About Us