سوالات متداول

We are ready to deliver our products into Eurasian and eastern European countries according to demanded qualities.

Yadman Bardia main products to be delivered to foreign customers are fresh fruits and vegetables.

the biggest part of our export is devoted to fresh kiwi.

If there is anything wrong with our products, Yadman Bardia openly accepts that and never hesitate to pave the way put it right according to agreed conditions.

Yadman Bardia is currently exporting its products to countries such as Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, France, Italy etc….

There are no limitations in regard to the products' quantity.

Yes. We can make a contract with those suppliers who want to work with us either long-term or short-term.

Yadman Bardia invites those people who are an online marketing expert within our business scope. It is necessary to know the target language of those countries we are mainly exporting our products.