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Iranian kiwi fruit

Kiwis are among the healthiest of fruits. And can help people burn fat and lose weight because of their high levels of fiber. Their black seeds are also a great source of vitamin D which is essential for the body and rare in other fruit. Kiwis are full of vitamin C, which can help the body’s digestive system, and have enzymes that help the digestion system.

Iranian kiwi fruit

Iran has entered the kiwi business a few decades ago in the 1980s. Which now has hectares of functioning farms in the northern states of the country. Iran is now biggest producer in the Middle East, and the 4th biggest producer of kiwis in the world after China, Italy, and New Zealand.

The country produces around 294400 tons of kiwis every year over 8000 hectares of land. Iranian kiwi fruits have a very high quality. Which are exported to many neighboring and importing countries all over the world, every year. The northern states of Mazandaran, Guilan, and Golestan are the biggest producers of fresh kiwis in the country, respectively.

Kiwi production in Iran

All of the Iranian kiwi farms are located in the northern states of Iran, which have the appropriate climate for these fruits. The state of Mazandaran us the biggest producer of this fruit with the annual production of 110000 tons every year.

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Guilan, and Golestan are ranked next with the annual amounts of 70000and 41000tons, respectively. These Iranian kiwis are exported to 22 countries all over the world and are very popular and high demanding on the markets.




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