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Yadman Bardia


Introducing the Company

Yadman Bardia started its business in the field of commerce three decades ago and since in 1993. Exports and imports to dozens of countries with the value of millions of dollars are among the company's past performance. Since 2015, the company's trade has specialized in agriculture and food products.

Yadman Bardia is committed to providing timely supply and delivery of capital and goods based on customer needs in international markets take appropriate actions in line with national interest based on its mission. We believe that the continuous and competitive presence in international markets depends on constructive engagement, the adoption of win-win policies for suppliers and customers, innovation and creativity in the provision of commercial services and the export of goods with the advantage and the import of strategic goods according to the demands of market. In fact extensive commercial interactions, marketing, and leading market-creation are among the features of the company.

The domestic business of this company is based on supplying high-quality goods and the scope of the distribution chain through branches and the most prestigious stores throughout the country. Providing the best-quality protein products for our customers is one of the important measures of the company.

CEO Speech:

My country, Iran, is a vast territory in the western part of Asia. Thousands of years ago, Iranians founded human civilization on the basis of agriculture in the Mesopotamia region and gave it a perpetual magnificence.

Today, Iran has a top position in quality and quantity production of many agricultural and horticultural products in the world. Moderate climate and four seasons, possessing suitable and fertile soil and the use of specialized and experienced experts have validated Iranian agriculture.

Bardia Company, which has started its export and import business three decades ago, has now turned into one of the most important Iranian companies in the field of agricultural and food products.

Providing high-quality agricultural products, convenient and standard packaging of goods along with the range of exporting countries and proper domestic distribution have always been the strengths of this company in Iran.

At the current time, countries such as Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and ... have been among the markets that have partnered with Yadman Bardia in the field of exports, and the most reliable chain stores in Iran benefit from our products.

My colleagues and I at Yadman Bardia Company are trying to provide the best service to the respected customers by providing the right conditions. We are ready to cooperate with you.




Mission of Yadman Bardia Company

Providing export services and management of supply chain of products with competitive advantages

Statement of Mission of Yadman Bardia Company

Yadman Bardia Companyis is an export company based on a vast and sustainable network of supplying competitive products that manages the supply chain of these products in such a way that the original producer can access the right market.

Yadman Bardia Company considers its customers and suppliers to be one of the company's main assets and will strives to win their confidence by using the knowledge of the day, observing its commitment, creating discipline, transparency and sustainability in their activities. Relying on its dedicated expert team of staff, our company will be turning into an efficient and profitable company in the field of providing export services and managing the supply chain of competitive goods.


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