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Yadman Bardia started its business in the field of commerce three decades ago and since 1993. Exports and imports to dozens of countries with the value of millions of dollars are among the company’s past performance. Since 2015, the company’s trade has specialized in agriculture and food products.
Yadman Bardia is committed to providing timely supply and delivery of capital and goods based on customer needs in international markets take appropriate actions in line with national interest based on its mission. We believe that the continuous and competitive presence in international markets depends on constructive engagement, the adoption of win-win policies for suppliers and customers, innovation and creativity in the provision of commercial services and the export of goods with the advantage and the import of strategic goods according to the demands of market. In fact extensive commercial interactions, marketing, and leading market-creation are among the features of the company.
The domestic business of this company is based on supplying high-quality goods and the scope of thedistribution chain through branches and the most prestigious stores throughout the country. Providing the best-quality protein products for our customers is one of the important measures of the company.


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