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Currency transfer management

The first step in entering international markets is market research. By having offices and trusted agents in many parts of the world, Yadman Berdia is ready to provide market research services to its customers.

Order registration and clearance

Order registration and clearance of each product group has its own rules and conditions. These conditions are different from each other even at the entry and customs points. Along with more than 30 years of experience, Yadman Bardia, having specialized brokers in various fields, registers orders and carries out customs affairs.

International law consulting

Due to Iran's embargo conditions, reputable global companies are unwilling to enter into contracts and do business with Iranian businessmen, and therefore Iranian businessmen are forced to negotiate and supply goods from smaller companies and intermediaries. Drafting a valid contract in international authorities plays an important role in reducing the risk of dealing with middlemen and small suppliers.

International Market Research

Yadman Berdia has the ability to manage currency transfers optimally and at a low cost due to financial resources from exports and having business partners in some countries. All financial affairs from the allocation of currency to the settlement of foreign exchange obligations will be done for the beneficiaries.

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Yadman Berdia Company was established in 1372 in line with the goals and vision of Mehr Iranian Holding. Remember the international business activities of the companies

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