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Yadman Bardia

Yadman Berdia company started its work in the field of trade and commerce three decades ago and since 1372 (1993 AD). Exporting and importing to dozens of countries in the world with the value of millions of dollars has been among the company’s performance in the past. Yadman Berdia is committed to be present in international markets by supplying and delivering capital and goods on time according to customer needs and to take steps in line with national interests based on its mission. We believe that a continuous and competitive presence in international markets depends on constructive interaction, adopting a win-win policy towards suppliers and customers, innovation and creativity in providing commercial services and exporting goods with advantages and importing strategic goods demanded by the market. Is. In fact, extensive business interactions and leading marketing are the characteristics of this company.


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The mission of Yadman

Yadman Bardia company, with a correct and complete understanding of the needs of domestic companies in conducting international business activities, has set its goal to manage, control and monitor commercial services in the international sector.

This company, with its specialized human resources and knowledge of current business knowledge and complete mastery of international laws, takes a big step towards completing the chain of international commercial activities of the country, and by establishing effective and stable relationships between the main suppliers of goods and Real customers aims to facilitate and accelerate commercial activities at the international level.

The Vision of Yadman

Yadman Bardia Company, a well-known company, a role player and one of the five main international business service companies in the countries of Eurasia (CIS), Persian Gulf (GCC) and Africa

We are proud to work with these companies